SK Jukebox

SK Jukebox is designed to be used in arcade cabinets, but there are many features that can help the program suit your needs.

Here's a small list of features :

  • Key remapping
  • Full screen or Windowed
  • Customize Fonts & Colors
  • Hide or Show mouse cursor
  • Animate Album Browsing
  • Display Album Art
  • Built-in Screen Saver
  • Random Mode
  • Require Credits or Free Mode
  • Minimize To System Tray
  • Genre Listing
  • many more.....
SK Jukebox


After building a Mame cabinet, I wanted to have the option to play MP3's. I had several expectations for the program I would use, but nothing out there met those expectations. So, I spent a couple of days writing my own program, where I could do anything I wanted, and add all the features I wanted.

After that, I sent the program to a few friends to checkout. All of them seemed to like it, and some requests were raised. I managed to fulfil almost all of the requests, and, once I thought the program was at a good point, I decided to release it. I feel like I've been able to develop a program that could suit almost any situation it would need to be used in, with many options included.

The program is provided to you at no charge, however the About box in the program contains a link that you can send me donations on, if you're feeling generous! ;)

Downloads (Final Versions)

  • - For those of you that want to use an older version
  • - The latest full version, with added video support
  • - Unzip this over 4.00 to update to 4.01
  • vbrun60sp5.exe - VB6 Runtimes....required for SKJB to work
  • - If getting an error about this file missing, unzip this to the application path, or your Windows System32 directory
  • - Not that it went anywhere, but I made an attempt at adding some VERY simple skinning to the program. This is a sample of that functionality


Hi everyone.
A lot of you have noticed that the site has been down for a while. I have decided to retire SKJB for good (by 16/08/2007). There have been many factors that have come into this decision, including:

  • Something on the site went screwy and I couldn't get it back.
  • I no longer have the time or motivation to work on the project.
  • I then got the bill for another year of hosting, but taking the above into account, I decided not to pay For any people that want to mirror the application, please feel free to do so.

Thanks to all the supporters over the years, especially the few of you that sent donations. It was a fun ride! This site will be around for about a month more, after then it will disappear (on